March 6, 2023

Seamless Transition: How to Successfully Migrate from SVN to Git

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Seamless Transition: How to Successfully Migrate from SVN to Git

Exploring the SVN to Git migration process for one of the most significant projects at SoftEdge: DMI Tax. This article delves into the deep insights shared by Maxi and Toto, the leaders in charge of the migration. 

Discover the key factors behind the migration decision, the challenges encountered, and the remarkable advantages that have positively impacted SoftEdge's productivity.

Why did you decide to migrate?

  • The server hosting SVN backups was scheduled to be shut down, necessitating a migration to a new solution.
  • SVN's workflow presented challenges, especially with merging changes and branches.
  • Collaborative work encountered more issues in SVN, while Git proved faster and resulted in fewer conflicts.
  • Git provided a more flexible workflow.
  • The migration to Git offered an opportunity to optimize and reduce storage requirements for the growing SVN repository.

What were the difficulties?

  • The biggest challenge was preserving branches and project history, along with the original authors (developers).
  • The size of the repositories posed a significant challenge in the migration process.
  • We faced a strict deadline as the server hosting SVN had to be shut down on a specific date, requiring the migration to be completed before then.
  • Given the migration's nature, it couldn't be done progressively; it had to be completed in one go, planned for a non-working day (Saturday), with the team transitioning to Git on the following Monday.

How was it done?

  • First, a pilot test was conducted on the smallest project, guaranteeing it covered all essential aspects while remaining lightweight.
  • The steps to follow were meticulously planned in advance to ensure everything could be completed within one day without encountering future problems.
  • The migration was scheduled for a weekend when no one was actively making modifications to the codebase.
  • The entire team underwent a planned adaptation process, ensuring universal access as everyone downloaded the project with coordinated efforts.
  • The transition to Git was smooth, thanks to the team's prior experience with Git and ongoing usage for Front End technology migration.

What advantages were found?

  • Collaborative work was remarkably simplified through efficient Git branch management.
  • Git significantly improved work speed and productivity.
  • The team experienced considerable growth, making collaborative work infinitely easier.
  • Git's space-saving feature allowed users to download specific branches, conserving valuable disk space on computers.

In conclusion, our experience of the SVN to Git migration process for SoftEdge's major project, DMI Tax, has provided valuable insights into the decision-making process, the challenges faced and the successful results achieved. Maxi and Toto's experience and leadership have paved the way for a smooth transition, allowing the team to embrace the flexibility and enhanced collaboration that Git offers.

Fabiana Mosera

Fabiana Mosera

Chief Executive officer - Softedge Technologies