Dun & Bradstreet

• Industry: Fintech

• Employees: 5000 +

• Project Status: Being used world-wide.


Our client was facing a significant challenge in their financial management. As established in their own words:

“We had an outdated ERP system that required us to track our transactions on Excel. We were also experiencing some revenue recognition issues. We approached Softedge to create a specialized ERP system that would automate and centralize some of our accounting processes.”

our approach

SoftEdge went above and beyond to understand the challenge and decided to design and develop a highly customized ERP system. This cutting-edge solution included a comprehensive reporting module for all our client's contracts. To implement it, our team used advanced .NET and Angular technologies, leveraging multiple AWS cloud services that enabled the parallel processing of thousands of contracts in record time.


"Softedge Technologies successfully delivered a system and database that saves us time by automating our work. By streamlining processes that were previously done manually, they've

freed up resources and generated savings. Our new system also allows us to access a global view of our data, which has been hugely beneficial for us."

what they
say about us

Timothy Holmgren
CTO, Boazbikes

"Softedge’s team fully understands what we need and fine-tunes the work to ensure it's executed fully and properly"

Michael Krupin
Partner, DMITax

"They are professional, pick things up quickly and are eager to develop a long-lasting relationship with us"

Bjorn Sigurdsson
Founder, Soundshell

"They’ve been professional and responsive to our inquiries"