Dmi Tax

• Industry: Fintech

• Employees: 20 +

• Project Status: Being used by U.S. corporations


DMI has been in the market for 20 years, providing software solutions through a Windows-based desktop application. As the world shifted to web-based solutions, DMI needed to adapt and migrate its software to meet the evolving market needs. However, their first migration attempt with a vendor was hindered by difficulties in time-zone communication that negatively impacted performance and resulted in an unfinished project.

our approach

Migrating a large and intricate Windows-based app to a web platform is a challenging crusade. Especially when the code has been developed over 20 years and is poorly documented, making it complicated to understand.

Our team designed a communication-oriented process to ensure timely responses and feedback. In the initial phase, we went the extra mile by conducting frequent retrospective meetings to ensure the process was well-refined and that both Softedge & DMI teams would establish a comfortable working relationship that increased their efficiency. 


SoftEdge managed to complete the massive migration process in approximately two years by dividing the project into several milestones. During this time, SoftEdge maintained the web and desktop versions running in parallel. 

Today, DMITax's primary product is a fully functional web-based application used by major U.S corporations such as VISA, AMEX, and Disney with great satisfaction.

what they
say about us

Timothy Holmgren
CTO, Boazbikes

"Softedge’s team fully understands what we need and fine-tunes the work to ensure it's executed fully and properly"

Michael Krupin
Partner, DMITax

"They are professional, pick things up quickly and are eager to develop a long-lasting relationship with us"

Bjorn Sigurdsson
Founder, Soundshell

"They’ve been professional and responsive to our inquiries"